Cardiovascular Disease Related Death Rate Rises in India by 34%




According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology; cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) related statistics show polar opposites in terms of the disease and its effects in India and the United States. While the deaths rates among those affected by CVDs declined in the US by 41% between 1990 and 2016, India saw a prominent rise in CVDs related deaths at around 34% in the same period. This signifies an urgent need for India to review its policies and programs for cardiac health and cardiovascular disease management and treatment.


Some of the reasons for rapidly rising CVD risks in India can be closely connected to income increase that has resulted in significant dietary and lifestyle changes. Meanwhile Indian healthcare programs haven’t been able to keep up and cope with these dietary and lifestyle changes in modern India.


At the other end of the spectrum; the US has long dealt with the kind of dietary and lifestyle habits Indian’s are taking to and greater awareness amongst healthcare professionals and everyday Americans has led to a greater emphasis on cardiac health, CVD treatment advancements and CVD management. The US has quite effectively run health campaigns to create awareness about the dangers of smoking, cholesterol high food and has also made significant advancement in secondary and acute care for patients living with cardiovascular diseases.


According to experts a similar approach is needed in India as well and the rising rates of CVD related deaths calls for greater awareness of healthy eating and living and greater advancements in the medical care of patients afflicted by cardiovascular disease.


Early treatment requires dietary and lifestyle changes that Indians should be aware of with the help of healthcare professionals who are expected to propagate this message. Treatment for acute cardiovascular disease requires financial aid which can help patients seek out advanced treatments. Financial aid is the responsibility of the Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission.

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