Government moots full refund if air tickets cancelled within 24 hours of booking

Come August, and you may be able to cancel your domestic air ticket within 24 hours of booking the same without any cancellation charges for flights that are at least four days away from departure time. It will not matter whether you booked the ticket directly from the airline or through an agent or travel portal while doing so.

And if an airline tells you 24 hours before departure time of the domestic flight you are booked that the same is delayed by over four hours, you could be entitled to a full refund. Similarly, airlines may have to offer compensation between Rs 5,000 and Rs 20,000 to passengers for missing connecting flights due to the first flight being late. However, both the domestic flights for connecting passengers should be on one PNR — meaning on the same airline ticket. TOI had first reported about the draft charter and many of its features on April 18, 2018.

The aviation ministry on Tuesday afternoon issued a draft passenger charter that, among others, has these passenger-friendly proposals. By evening, it removed a clause for airlines to give a minimum compensation of Rs 5,000 (and more depending on airfare) when a domestic passenger is denied boarding due to over-booking.
The government will seek comments from stakeholders on the charter and after taking them into consideration, will issue the final rules by July — that will apply on airlines and in turn on travel portals and agents also in cases of cancellation charges. Almost all airlines have opposed the proposals. Aviation secretary R N Choubey said the final rules will keep in mind the interests of both airlines and flyers, with passenger rights getting more weightage.

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