Grant of Eminence Tag By Govt To Yet To Be Established Jio Institute Causes Uproar






By Megha Goswami




Teaching community as well as sections of social media have opposed the grant of the Institute of Eminence tag for the Jio institute which is yet to be established. The institute is owned by the Reliance Foundation.

However, the HRD ministry officials have clarified that Jio institute was selected by the committee. The committee has been set up for clearing the proposals of establishment of 10 institutes of Eminence in public sector and 10 institutes in private sector.

As soon as the government’s decision was made public, sections of academicians as well as teachers came out in its protest.

Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) President Rajib Ray said, “We unambiguously object to the HRD ministry’s announcement of the list of eminent institutions and the inclusion of Jio Institute in this list.”

DUTA secretary on the other hand questioned this decision stating that IoE tag grant to the Jio institute is simply a ‘mockery of the whole exercise.’

Ray further said, “As of today, Jio only exists as a proposal. It has no record of academic or socially relevant accomplishments The inclusion of inclusion of clauses which allow paper proposals to qualify as an eminent institution is an academic corruption of highest order. It is turning a government scheme as a promotion for a private player.”

As per the UGC regulations, 2017, private institutes were made eligible for the IoE tag as ‘greenfield ventures’ but they need to meet all the requisites as well as UGC guidelines.

However, a ministry official while speaking in defence of the government’s decision said, “The empowered committee has approved Reliance Foundation’s proposal following the rules and guidelines.”

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