Hindi Speaking Population Rises, Bengali Becomes Second Most Spoken Language

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New Delhi :


According to data on language released on Tuesday as part of Census 2011, Hindi has taken the lead of being the most spoken language in India. So much so that the Indian population speaking Hindi have risen from 41.03% in the year 2001 to 43.63%.


The second position has been bagged by Bengali with Marathi bagging the third position. Marathi has replaced Telugu to come on the third position.


Sanskrit was decided as the least spoken language among the nation’s 22 scheduled languages. With only 24,821 people calling Sanskrit as their mother tongue, it got its position even below Manipuri, Bodo, Dogri, and Konkani languages in the list.


English was termed as their mother tongue by 2.6 lakh people of which 1.06 lakh were in Maharashtra alone.


Bhili or Bhilodi which is spoken in Rajasthan is the most spoken unscheduled language which has 1.047 crore followers followed by Gondi with 29 lakh speakers.


A mother tongue is actually defined by census authorities as a language which is spoken in childhood by the said person’s mother or in the person’s household during his childhood.

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