Hindu Woman Creates History In Pakistan; Set To Contest Polls In Sindh Province



In first of its kind, Sunita Parmar, a woman of Hindu ethnicity is set to contest provincial assembly polls in Sindh province. The elections are set to be held on 25 July.


Sunita would be the first lady from minority community to contest these elections in the country.

Sunita Parmar – Set To Create History
Sunita, 31 years of age, belongs to the Meghwar community and will be contesting as an independent candidate in the polls. Sindh enjoys maximum number of Hindus in the nation.

Sunita is confident of winning and clarifies that she was compelled to contest the polls as previous governments had very conveniently forgotten about the said province and the community. Sunita said, “Previous governments did nothing for the people of this area. Even in 21st century, we lack basic health facilities and proper educational institutes for women. Gone are the days when women were supposed to be weaker and inferior. I am confident of winning the election…This is 21st century and we are even ready to fight the lion.”

She also revealed, “I believe in girl’s education. This is the only way to make women stronger and prosper.”

However, Sunita is not the first woman to try her hands in the elections. In March 2018, Krishna Kumari, another Hindu woman, bagged the title for being the first ever Hindu Dalit woman Senator in Pakistan after being nominated by the Pakistan Peoples Party.
We hope more and more women are granted such opportunities and they emerge even stronger not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

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