Irrfan Khan Speaks about his Change in Perspective since being Diagnosed with Tumour

Megha Goswami



New Delhi:


Irrfan Khan is known for being one of Bollywood’s stellar actors essaying a wide range of notable roles in movies. In the recent past; the actor shocked fans and fellow actors and film industry colleagues when he revealed that he is diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour and is being London. Since then. The actor has posted health updates on social media for his fans and well-wishers.


While speaking to an agency in recent times, the actor shared about his change in perspective since his cancer diagnosis. The actor was asked about the incorrect reports going viral about his health on social media; in the interview.


Speaking on this subject, the actor said that life throws a lot of challenges at him but he has started believing in a way that this condition has really tested him on all fronts.


He shared that he was shaken by the news at the start; but he slowly came to see things in a much powerful and productive way. The actor said that people should believe nature is trustworthy above many other things and people. He said that he had reached a state of enlightenment that wouldn’t have been possible even if he would have meditated for 30 years but this sudden challenge put him on a higher plane from where he can see things with a completely different perspective.


Speaking on the subject of internet rumours, Irrfan also stated that after undergoing the fourth cycle of chemo, he is due for six more cycles which will be followed by a scan.


He revealed in the interview that the results after the third cycle were positive, however, further changes will be overviewed post the six cycles. He added that his mind would tell him to hang a kind of chip on his neck and say, “I have this disease and I could die in a few months or a year or two.” Or he could just avoid a conversation and live life the way it offers him. He confessed to walking around with blinders and that he couldn’t see what it offered him.


In terms of upcoming films, Irrfan Khan will be seen in ‘Karwaan’ along with Dulquer Salmaanand Mithila Palkar. The trailer of the film has generated buzz among audiences and is scheduled for release in theatres on August 3, 2018.

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