Manipur: At least 9 killed and 2 other missing due to massive landslides at three places in Tamenglong district

Tamenglong :


Nine people, including eight children, were reportedly killed after a landslide hit three different places in the Tamenglong district in Manipur. Rescue and relief works are now being carry out by the local volunteers,Police, security personals and other agencies.


Five(5) students were recovered from the debris of the landslides/mudslides at New Salem near Taudai Fellowship(Tml Dist HQ). All of them (5) were from the same family members.


Two members from the same family including his mother and son were also died at Neigailong (Tml Dist Hq Ward No.2). Two other siblings were killed in another landslide that occurred nearby.



Still two children of the same family were missing at New Canan (Tml Dist Hq Ward No.3). Search and rescue work still going area in the vulnerable area.


The tragedy happen at around 2am (wee hour) while sleeping when their dwelling houses swept downward and filled inside the debris due to the heavy rainfall.


Many dwelling houses and structures in the adjoining area of Tml Dist Hq were damaged and swept down.

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