Numbers Of Naxal Sightings On A Decline In Tamil Nadu

In a good news, the police officials in Tamil Nadu have claimed that the number of Naxal sightings have reduced steeply since the year 2016. Most of these sightings were witnessed in the Tamil Nadu- Kerala-Karnataka tri junction.


Thinning of Maoist Presence in Tamil Nadu
The year 2016 saw 117 confirmed sightings which have fallen to only 38 in this year. This is a welcome news as the area gets some respite from Maoist presence.


The data released by the Nilgiris district police portrays that out of 117 Naxal sightings, 115 were observed on the border towards Kerala, and 1 each in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. However, this number reduced to 90, with 86 sightings reported on the Kerala side, 3 being sighted in Karnataka, and 1 in Tamil Nadu.


Nilgiris District Superintendent of Police, D. Shanmuga Priya mentioned that police officials were now working on strengthening of border police stations. Moreover, they were also planning to introduce Naxal Special Division teams. These teams would be working along with Special Task Force teams to minimize the Naxal intrusion in the state.


Priya said, “We are also in close contact with our counterparts in Kerala and Karnataka, sharing information and working in a coordinated manner to prevent left-wing extremism from taking root in the region.”

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