Nun At Missionaries Of Charity In Ranchi Arrested For Selling A Child

Ranchi :



The world is surely coming to an end. What else can be given as explanation for increasing heinous crimes? One such astonishing incident came to light when a nun Sister Koncilla who was associated with Missionaries of Charity’s Nirmal Hriday homes was arrested in Ranchi for allegedly selling off a child. The child belonged to an unwed mother.


The arrest


The Child Welfare Committee filed a complaint against the nun and an employee of the so called Ranchi based organization which is being run by Missionaries of Charity. Most astonishing fact is that this trust was set up Mother Teresa who would be getting restless in Heaven now.



Ranchi SSP Anish Gupta reveled, ““Two arrests have been made. A worker at the home was arrested on Wednesday. We have also got the details of three children who were sold by them to different couples. We are in the process of verifying their addresses.”


Nirmal Hriday is a shelter home for unwed minor mothers as well as differently abled people who are often discarded by the society. The home is presently host to 11 pregnant minor girls as well as 75 differently abled patients. Sister Koncilla worked as the head of the unwed mothers department.


As per CWC Tanushree Sarkar, “We have moved the 11 girls to Karuna Shelter home and sealed that section of Nirmal Hriday. The other section does not come under our jurisdiction, but we will try to get it sealed.” Sarkar also mentioned “After the incident in one branch, we cannot trust the other branches of Missionaries of Charity and we will not be sending children to them for shelter from now on.”


Sarkar also said that out of the 11 pregnant girls residing in the house, 3 at one time or the other were never produced at the CWS. She further said, “As per the law, any minor child in need of care and protection should first be produced before the committee.”

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