Social Media Giants WhatsApp and Facebook Hit Elusive 1 Billion Users Mark





Social media has become an imperative part of our everyday lives and this can be witnessed in the recent list of companies crossing the 1 billion user mark. So much so, that these social media sites have stated playing important roles in election of world leaders as well. Well, are these social media companies better or worse for our future, it is not upto us to decide.


Famous social media groups ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’ have also made to this benchmark which is a proof of their rising popularity.




Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerburg has undoubtedly created a niche for itself in the social media platform. With now over 2.2 billion users, Facebook is surely a perfect company to look out for.




Youtube launched in the year 2005 has approximately 1.8billion monthly users and is a hit among the youngsters.




Yet another craze among people, Whatsapp has also gained a billion users. The popularity of the chat messenger sis so much that Facebook had to take out a whooping amount of $19* billion for taking it over.




WeChat is China’s answer to Whatsapp and it has also reached the mark of 1 billion users. However, the chat platform took 7 years to reach the mark.

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