After iPhone SE, Made-in-India iPhone 6s set to sell soon





Good news for gadget lovers. Apple has begun commercial manufacturing of the iPhone 6s within the territory of India. It has set up Taiwan-based contract production Wistron last week at the Bengaluru facility which will now produce a new line of handsets.


Mac computers and Cupertino-based manufacturer of iPhone began making iPhone SE last May at the Wistron facility. After a successful trial production conducted by Apple in India since April for the second iPhone model in the 6 series, they have finally decided that iPhone models will now be grown locally in India. Expecting a high potential of buyers in India and increased sales prospect, Apple was compelled to take the decision of launching ‘Made in India’ iPhone.


A Welcomed Decision


The decision was welcomed when Apple estimated enlargement of local market. The iPhone will now be exempted from import duties and high taxes which used to raise the price of the product. Furthermore, Apple will now be able to strengthen and secure its shares in the mid-to-premium of the Indian smartphone market. It is anticipated that there is scope for further expansion of Apple in India with the fact that potential buyers are keen on possessing gadgets with smart features. Apple will continue to sell iPhone SE and introduce a new model without making any changes in the selling price as of now.


With the launch of Galaxy S9, Samsung captured the Indian premium smartphone market, where Apple came as second-runner up in the January-March quarter. Further setback was suffered by Apple when China launched OnePlus pulling Apple further down to the third position. Apple’s shared took a dive in the premium segment in the January-March quarter for iPhone 8 and X series with the rise in duties on imported smartphones. This made the Apple iPhone outside the reach of common Indian buyers.


However, Apple is very hopeful that with the set up of a manufacturing unit in India, it will overcome the hurdles and regain its number one position again.

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