Aqua GT, an IFFCO associate, Launches ‘Urban Gardening Product Range’

New Delhi:

AquaGT, an associate of IFFCO – Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited, has launched specialized Urban Gardening product range to assist the urban enthusiasts with useful, effective and easy to use products, under the brand name of IFFCO Urban Gardens.

These products have been researched and developed by the Aquagri Processing Private Limited, at their advanced R&D facility at Manamadurai, Tamil Nadu. Aquagri Processing Private Limited is an associate of IFFCO. The facility is recognized by DSIR and works closely with the Indian Science System. Manufacturing of these urban products and their marketing is done through its subsidiary Aquagri Greentech Private Ltd.

These products effectively deliver easy solutions for the urban garden users who care for the well being of their plants. The initial offering consists of seven environmentally friendly products with many more to be added soon. More details of the products can be found on The products are Nutri Rich – Seaweed Fortified Vermicompost, Protect + – Neem & Bio-Pesticide Based Plant Protection, Magic Soil – All purpose Potting Soil, Sea Secret – Growth and Plant Stress Tolerance Enhancer, Green Diet – Instant plant Food, Life Pro – Cut Flower Life Extender, Bokashi – Kitchen Waste Decomposer.

On this development, Dr. U S Awasthi, MD-IFFCO, said, “After serving the needs of the Indian farmers for more than 52 years, now one of our associate AquaGT is building a connect with the urban customers by catering to their needs of gardening.” This will enhance the Go Green drive of IFFCO in the urban areas. He further said that we are happy and excited with this new range of urban gardening products. There is rising interest amongst the urban population towards gardening and they are looking for reliable and standardized inputs in terms of readymade soil nutrients for their gardens.”

It is important to note that the gardening products market size in India is estimated to be around Rs 10,000 Crores, with 50% share allocated to plants. Plant Care products account for approx. 15% of the total market, with the rest divided between Pots, Tools and Garden Décor.

These new products are available online on IFFCO’s newly launched E-Commerce platform, and also at select nurseries across NCR region. We would enlarge the points of availability through different channels across the country. The company is open for technical and distribution collaborations. Over the time we will continue to develop and introduce more specialized products and gardening aids catering to the specific needs of end users said Mr. Abhiram Seth, MD of Aqua Agri.

Aquagri Greentech Private Ltd. is a company associated with Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. (IFFCO). Urban Gardens is a new initiative by Aquaagri GT, established one year prior the core focus of this company is to market Urban Gardening products and solutions for gardening enthusiasts across India. The product range offers a variety of solutions for the gardening needs of a household, more unique products are in R&D phase and will be introduced soon after.

Urban Gardens will a one stop solution for urban garden enthusiasts in India. All the products produced by company are 100% organic with no trace of chemicals making them environment friendly. These products are specially designed keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

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