‘Aquaman’ keeps DCEU afloat

By Shiv Deb Varma

Hail to the King!! Warner Brothers’ DCEU franchise certainly seems to be hitting its stride with Aquaman making waves at the box office. Despite giving us a recycled plot in the line of other treasure hunting or chosen one narratives, the James Wan movie is charming and cheesy and owns every single second of. How many movies can get away with giant underwater monsters, fish people and ‘sharks with frickin’ laser beams’ attached to their heads (Doctor Evil would be proud). Not bad for a director who resume is filled with more ghosts that a haunted mansion.

The plot of the movie seem very generic. It seems to be a mash-up of the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Black Panther. In fact, the plot of Aquaman seems to be very similar to Black Panther except if  Killmonger was peace loving and heroic while T’challa was the scheming and evil warlord.

What really draws the audience into the story are the memorable characters and terrific acting from the large cast of character. Jason Momoa brings his classic hulking charm and cheesy humor to the character of Aquaman but also manages to bring out the character’s darker depth and pain. He seems to have an easy chemistry with Amber Heard’s Mera, which keeps the plot rolling. The supporting all star cast also bring out the back ground lore of the universe without diverting too much attention from the stars.

The CGI cinematography really brought Aquaman’s world to life. All the underwater scenes were filled with a vibrancy and color that brought to mind the pages of a comic book. DCEU is known for its world building over the top action set piece action and this movie tops all that with one of the largest underwater battle with in movie history.

All in all, Aquaman make your inncr child “squee” with delight.

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