Army Major’s Love Obsession Takes Away a Young Life

New Delhi :


Love obsession has taken many innocent lives in the past and the recent most victim of this craze was Shailza Dwivedi, wife of Major Amit Dwivedi. Surprisingly, the accused was Indian Army Major Nikhil Handa. Nikhil was actually ‘obsessed’ with Shailza and wanted to marry her.


Nikhl was arrested on Sunday from Meerut in UP. Handa had carried out this gruesome murder on Saturday, as she did not reciprocate his love feelings. Handa attacked Shailza with a knife in his car and then he threw away her body out of her car and even run over her body.


The killing


Shailza had gone for a physiotherapy session on Saturday when she was attacked by Handa in his car. The CCTV footage outside the Army Base Hospital present in the cantonment area shows Shailza getting into Handa’s car. Her dead body was found in the same area about half an hour later. Though earlier it seemed that she was run over by a vehicle, the police during the investigation found that her throat was also slit open.


As per the police details, Major Handa had reached Delhi on Saturday and had asked Shailza to meet him. He was posted in Nagaland’s Dimapur area. During the meeting, they had an argument which flared up Major Nanda. He was quite obsessive and had pressurized her in the past as well to marry him. When Shailza refused, “he stabbed her with a knife…pushed her from the car and ran over her body to make it look like an accident,” an officer revealed.


This is not something new but increasing incidents of such nature and that too involving defense personnel is sure to be remembered for a long time.

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