Beware! YouTube Plans To Remove Channels Posting Copied Content

Megha Goswami

There are many users out there who believe that posting copied content on their social media platform is absolutely fine. However, the scenario is changing soon and social media platforms are gearing up to counter copied content effectually.

The latest to join the list is YouTube. As per Youtube’s updated policy for its Partner Program, if a user is found posting copied content, it can lead to removal of the channel.

YouTube reveals that it is an effort to boost up the creator community from social abuse of any kind. The platform plans to scrutinize its every participant of the Partner Program from time to time. As per the updated policy, any content that is either uploaded for multiple times or is automatically generated or pulled away from any third-party source would be removed from the platform.

Channels would only be able to get back to the program after review in 30 days. However, to protect the account from being removed, YouTube advises the creators to make the given changes:

  • To make sure that the content on the channel supports and aligns with YouTube’s policies;
  • To provide more context in the videos as well as channel descriptions;
  • To show your presence more prominently in your videos.

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