DRDO successfully test fires AKASH-1S Surface to Air Defence missile


DRDO on Monday successfully test fired the AKASH-1S Air Defence Missile in Balasore, off the coast of Odisha. This is the second successful test of the missile carried out by DRDO this week.

This version of the missile is fitted with an indigenous seeker, adding not only to missile lethality but also enhancing India’s defence manufacturing capabilities.

Akash Missile is a medium range Surface to Air Missile with multitarget engagement capability. It uses high-energy solid propellant for the booster and ram-rocket propulsion for the sustainer phase.

The propulsion system provides higher level of energy with minimum mass, compared to conventional solid/liquid rocket motor, that has better performance with minimum weight of the missile.

It has a dual mode guidance, initially on command mode from a phased array radar and later radar homing guidance with unique software developed for high accuracy. The phased array radar provides capability for multiple target tracking and simultaneous deployment of missiles to attack four targets at the same time, in each battery.

Multiple batteries constitute a group centre. The system is highly mobile and has gone through a number of flight trials providing the command guidance.