Govt. issues health advisory as air pollution in Delhi reaches severe level

New Delhi:

Directorate General of Health Services Delhi has issued health advisory to public for protection from air pollution on Sunday. The guidelines say that as the air pollution has reached at severe level in Delhi it may lead to morbidity among the exposed people.

The air pollution harms and may cause respiratory illness in healthy people on prolonged exposure and even pronounced respiratory or other serious illnesses in vulnerable population even on short exposure.  

The advisory says that general public is advised to avoid outdoor physical activities specially during morning and late evening hours. The vulnerable population is advised to strictly avoid outdoor physical activities and remain indoors and keep activity levels low to protect health from pollution.

Following are the DO’s and DON’Ts issued by the Govt.


  • Remain indoor or reschedule outdoor activities.
  • Consult the nearest doctor in case of breathlessness, giddiness, cough, chest discomfort or pain, irritation in eyes (red or Watery)
  • Persons with airway, lung or heart illnesses should keep their medication readily available
  • If using masks, use certified N95 masks and follow user instructions. Simple paper and cloth masks are not effective.
  • Continue use of clean smokeless fuels gas or electricity for cooking and heating purpose
  • Use public transportation


  • Don’t burn leaves, wood, agriculture products, garbage
  • Don’t go to places with heavy traffic and areas near polluting places, construction sites etc.
  • Don’t go for morning and late evening walks, run, jog and physical exercise
  • Don’t open doors and windows during morning and late evenings
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes, bidis and related tobacco products
  • Avoid driving cars, scooters and other motorised vehicles