Gully Boy – Wagon for Ranveer and Alia to Stardom

By Megha Goswami

Ranking: ****

Who does not love the story of the movie hero going from rags to riches on the pure basis of his talent? Well, Gully Boy is no different but yet ‘different’ in the way it presents the characters strongly that you actually start living their lives! And perfect are the acting skills of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt who have definitely given the best performance of their career.

The movie directed and produced by Zoya Akhtar has Ranveer singh, Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin, Parmeet Sethi in the main roles.


The story revolves around a 22 years old boy (Muraad) who comes from a poor background and lives in Mumbai with his parents in a slums area. He possesses a strong desire to become a famous rapper and wants to make it big in the field. However, he has many struggles to face, foremost an opposition from his parents who worked hard to get him educated so that he can score a white collar job at some big office. The story grabs you into a web of series of his journey to reach the focal point of his success.

Muraad has a long struggle with poverty and also with the class mentality that ‘Naukar ka beta naukar hi banega.’ His frustrations and dilemma come out fiercely in the form of his rap music. One example being ‘Kyun lagta hai yeh bustee ek andha kuan hain?’ Now does he reaches there or not is up to you to unravel at the movie theatre.

Strong points

Ranveer Singh makes the most of his acting skills to grab the attention of the audience. You actually feel that you are watching a real life story and starts being on the same emotional level as the character of ‘Muraad’ as played by Ranveer.
Alia raises the level of her performance with this one movie and there is no doubt that the millennial star has arrived on the mesmerizing stage of Hindi Cinema.
The songs or rather the rap music is something brilliant that you would definitely like to store on your music shelf for a long time to come.


The movie is long and sometimes you may feel that the movie could have ended here.

Final verdict

The movie is surely a one time watch which may bring out the rapper in you while urging you to dwell on the class division questions in the society.