If Sardar Patel would have been the first PM, farmers would have been in better condition: Modi

Nagaur/ Bharatpur:

Prime Minister Modi today said that the farmers of the country would have been in much better condition if Sardar Patel would have been the first Prime Minister of the country because Patel was the son of a farmer.


While addressing a rally in Bharatpur Rajasthan, PM Modi accused Congress of ignoring the plight of the farmers for generations and using them as a tool for gaining political points instead.

“Those shedding crocodile tears for the farmers now should first answer where were they ten years ago when the Swaminathan Commission recommended their government to increase the farmers’ Minimum Support Price (MSP) to one and half times their costs to address the farmers’ grievances? Why did they not implement these recommendations and put them aside for ten long years? It was our government that implemented this decision soon after coming to power,” he added.

PM Modi said, “The close aides of the ‘Namdar’ Congress leader say that Urban Naxals, Maoists and Separatists are ‘revolutionaries!’ We can never forgive these ‘Namdars’ who sympathize with the murders of our brave sons of Rajasthan.”


In this context, he described how national security has improved under his government unlike the pre-2014 Congress governments when terrorist attacks across the country became quite frequent. He said this contrasting situation after 2014 has been made possible by the power of every vote that voted the BJP government in power.

While addressing a public meeting in Nagaur, accused Congress party of serving its own interests for generations, PM Modi said that unlike them, he was not born with a golden spoon and so he completely understood the daily struggles of common people.


PM Modi also criticized Congress for calling Army Chief “Sadak ka gunda” and demanding proof of surgical strike.

PM Modi paid tributes to Mahatma Jyotirao Phule on his 128th death anniversary. “The path he showed us for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged inspires us to serve them.” Said PM Modi.

Rajasthan is scheduled to hold elections on 7 December.

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