Indian Navy’s PPE gets green Signal for Mass Production

New Delhi:

With Latest contribution to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), the Indian Navy is ready to help the industry mass-produce personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, with a top testing agency approving the equipment designed and developed by it

The navy’s PPE kits have been tested and approved by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), which is a laboratory of the DRDO. The PPE has been certified to be mass produced and used in clinical Covid-19 situations.

“Shortage of PPE during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is serious concern and availability of the healthcare workforce, apart from adversely impacting their security and morale…The Indian Navy has risen to this challenge of making available this critical resource in the fight against Covid-19,” navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal said.

A team formed by the Innovation Cell, Institute of Naval Medicine, Mumbai and the Naval Dockyard Mumbai collaborated to design the PPE.

The cost of the PPE is significantly lower than those commercially available and can be produced by basic gown manufacturing units. The PPE passed with 6/6 synthetic blood penetration resistance test pressure. (Government mandates minimum 3/6 and above level as per ISO 16603 standard).

Three weeks ago, the DRDO shifted a key testing facility for carrying out quality checks on PPE from Gwalior to New Delhi to cut down delays and ensure faster delivery of the safety gear to healthcare workers.

Earlier Naval Dockyard has designed an innovative ‘portable multi-feed oxygen manifold (MOM)’ using 6-way radial header, with Visakhapatnam personnel to meet the oxygen supply requirement for many patients.

A cylinder is capable of meeting six patients’ oxygen needs concurrently. This entire set up has been made operational by the manufacture of fine adjustment reducers and specific adapters of dimensions required to connect oxygen cylinders and portable MOMs.

Currently, it has been used to provide relief to people affected by gas leaks in Visakhapatnam.

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