Indians Spending Approx. 4 Hours Infront of Idiot Box Daily: Survey



As per the viewership monitoring agency BARC India, Indian viewers, on an average, are watching television for 3 hour 44 minutes every day.


In urban areas, average time spent (ATS) per viewer is about 4 hour 06 minutes, while in rural India, it is about 3 hours and 27 minutes, this is according to the results of BARC’s latest Broadcast India 2018 survey.


BARC India releases the findings of its Broadcast India (BI) 2018 Survey, based on a sample study of 3 lakh homes in the country.


TV homes in the country have seen a 7.5% jump, outpacing the growth of homes in India which grew at 4.5%. India currently boasts of 2.98 Crore homes, of which 19.7 Crore have a TV set, having an opportunity of almost 10 Crore more TV homes in the country, according to the survey.


The survey also points out to a total 836 million TV viewing universe, 429 million are male viewers and 407 million are female. Male viewers grew by 6.9%, while female viewers saw a growth of 7.5%, when compared to the results of a previous survey.


Partho Dasgupta, CEO, BARC India, said, “With BI 2018 we have been able to showcase the changing face of India. However, what hasn’t changed is the fact that TV remains the most effective platform for both content creators and advertisers to reach their audiences.”


BARC India continues to stand by its earlier findings that India is a country which is driven by family viewing and this is apparent in the increase in the number of TV households.

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