Omar Rules Out Alliance With Any Party To Form Govt, Demands Governor Rule & Early Election

Omar Abdullah : “We did not have mandate in 2014 and we do not have mandate in 2018”.


I met Governor. I told him that National conference didn’t receive mandate to form govt in 2014 & we don’t have mandate in 2018 also. We haven’t been approached & we aren’t approaching anyone: Omar Abdullah, National Conference

I have told Governor that since no party has the mandate to form government, he will have to impose Governor rule in the state: Omar Abdullah, National Conference

We also requested the Governor that Governor rule should not remain imposed for a long time period. After all, people have the right to choose their government. Fresh elections should take place & we will accept the mandate of the people: Omar Abdullah


In this case Governor has no option but to impose Governor rule . We appeal Governor to impose Governor rule and stabilize the situation so that elections could be held at earliest .


“One-time offer expired the day PDP and BJP joined hands. They don’t want my support, why should I offer it?”: National Conference’s Omar Abdullah on BJP-PDP break-up in Jammu and Kashmir


I can’t speak on behalf of BJP as to why they have pulled out ; however I’m not surprised by their decision but surprised by its timings : Omar Abdullah

Both these parties are responsible for the adverse situation in J&K : Omar Abdullah.

We are mourning the demise of democracy in J&K : Omar Abdullah

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