Kimbho Messaging App by Patanjali Scheduled for Relaunch on August 27, 2018

Megha Goswami


New Delhi: 


The ‘Kimbho’ messaging platform which mimics the services offered by WhatsApp is going to relaunch by Patanjali, headed by Ramdev, India’s yoga guru. The new version of Kimbho comes with “new and advanced features” according to the company’s chief Acharya Balkrishna who announced the relaunch on Twitter.


The relaunch is scheduled for August 27 2018 according to Balkrishna’s Twitter post. Company spokesperson SK Tijarawala shared that the relaunching of the app will presided over by dignitaries such as Nitin Gadkari and company heads, Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna.


Patanjali Ayurved said in a statement, “Patanjali family is grateful to you for keeping faith in us. Celebrate this Independence Day as Digital Independence with Kimbho(‘s) new and advanced features. There may be some shortcomings in the Kimbho app, with all (the) improvements we will do an official launch on 27th August. We welcome your comments and suggestions.”


The Acharya shared a Google Play Store link on Twitter; in what appears to be a trial version of the Kimbho app for Android 1.0. The app itself was not available on the App Store


Acharya Balkrishna also shared a link to Google Play Store listing of Kimbho app, which appears to be a trial version of Patanjali’s messaging app however according to company plans; Kimbho will be available on Android, iOS and desktop platforms.


The app is being projected as a viable substitute or strong competition for WhatsApp. The relaunching of the app comes after a first time failure due to security concerns. An anonymous security researcher going by the pseudonym, Elliot Alderson, laid bare the security concerns with Kimbho in May this year; leading to a significant amount of controversy and Google decision to delist the app from its platform.

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