Love Story Blooms in the Football Season: Brazilian Fan and Argentina Follower Ties The Knot

By Megha Goswami


Thrissur :


Love knows no boundaries and its ways can be equally mystic. This was proven recently when an unusual love story bloomed in the ever charismatic Football world cup 2018 season.


The love story…


Imagine two hardcore football fans getting married. What next? The honeymoon right? Any normal love story would require the two fans planning their honeymoon while watching the soccer world cup live. However, this marriage is a little different. The two love birds from Thrissur – Monisha Mohan and Roshan Devadas – actually got into a field and played a game of football!


The love for Football…


Roahn, an ardent follower of Brazil decided to honor his favorite country and wore the jersey of Brazilian team. On the other hand, the wife, Monisha displayed her intense love for Argentina by wearing blue colored jersey. Rohan revealed, ““It was raining heavily and there was knee-deep water on the ground. But we had real fun doing the post-wedding photoshoot.”


The photographs were so majestic and awesome that they went viral on social media in no matter of time.



Rohan, an engineer in Kuwait thanked his photographer for the mesmerizing photographs capturing the moment well. He said, “All thanks to Aneesh Thrithallur, our photographer, who came up with this idea, knowing that we are football fans. In a way, we were able to express our personalities through his work of art. This is the best wedding memento that we can have.”


The two love birds decided to get married on May 27.


Aneesh while having a normal conversation with the couple discovered their love for football and was amazed that they both followed two different teams. Aneesh gave them the idea of a football match for post wedding pics and they both readily agreed. Aneesh remembers, “They said yes to the idea, and we decided to go for the shoot. It wasn’t as easy as we had imagined as there was rain and slush on the ground. Even our photography equipment got drenched.”


Roshan left no stones upturned for making the match an unforgettable affair. Aneesh revealed, “In the photo that has gone viral, where Roshan does a scissors kick, he actually ended up falling flat on his back. It was a very painful one.” However, as per Rohan, his pain vanished into thin air in just two days, “I love football. It is true that the fall was bad, but I felt happy seeing the pictures.”


We wish a wonderful married life to the football crazy couple. Have an amazing match of love for your entire life!

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