Makeshift Tent Collapses During PM Modi’s Rally In Midnapore, 20 People Injured

Midnapore :


In an unfortunate incident, a makeshift tent broke down during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Midnapore district, in West Bengal today. In the incident atleast 20 people were injured.


As per the officials present there, the said tent was erected only next to the main entrance to provide shelter from rain to the people attending. There were many enthusiastic BJP supporters crowing inside the tent to get a glimpse of their beloved prime minister.


Prime minister also cautioned them to be careful during his speech. While the prime minister was in the middle of his speech he saw the tent collapsing. Portraying his presence of mind, the prime minister immediately stopped his speech asked his SPG personnel who were standing next to him to rush to attend to the injured and look after them.



As the tent started collapsing, Modi appealed to the crowd, “Those who have climbed up, please get down, all of you….please climb down. Those standing up there, please get down. Don’t run.”


As per the officials, Modi’s personal staff and the BJP staff unit, including his personal doctor and SPG personnel rushed and helped the injured. He also instructed his team of doctors to treat the injured people and carry them to hospital in the ambulances that follow his convoy.


PMO also tweeted about the incident saying, “Straight after the rally in Paschim Medinipur, PM @narendramodi went to the local hospital and enquired about the condition of those who have been injured.”



Immediately after the meeting, PM Modi, breaking his security protocol reached Midnapore Zilla medical college and hospital to visit the injured people.  “I am overwhelmed to see this. In such stormy weather, so many people gathered here to hear me. Even when 1/3rd of the Pandal collapsed, people helped each other and took them out. I cannot even imagine of seeing such discipline. There had been no instances of pushing, shoving and being impatient. I thank the people with folded hands. I will always remember this meeting. It is unique to me,” said Modi while addressing the people.


However, the Union minister SS Ahluwalia has denied any reports of mismanagement, “There were so many enthusiastic people, it was not mismanagement. Just like booth jam, people were not allowed to come to the rally.”
An official also remarked, “Over Rs. 350 crore is spent each year on the PM’s security and if the venue of the most protected person is not structurally secured….”


Minutes after PM visited the hospital, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted, ” We pray for the speedy recovery of all those injured at the Midnapore rally today. The government is giving all help for medical treatment”.

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