Modi hits back at Congress, says they still can’t tolerate a ‘Chai wala’ has become the PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the mood today to payback Congress for all the allegations its leaders have been hurling against him last few weeks. While speaking at a rally at Ambikapur in Chhattisgarh, Modi said that Congress still cannot deal with the fact that a ‘chai wala’ has become the Prime Minister of the country.

“These people still have not come to terms that I am the PM. It has been nearly four and a half years. They are still crying: How can a ‘chai wala’ become the PM? Now they say a ‘chai wala’ became PM because of one great person,” said PM Modi.

While speaking at a gathering to mark the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru Shashi Tharoor on November 14 had said that because of the democratic framework put in place by Nehru “even a chai wala” has become the prime minister.

“Congress party ko neend nahi aa rahi hai ki ye hamare parivaar ki virasat, hamari rajgaddi ko ye chai wala kaise chura le gaya!” the PM said, speaking to the electorate.

Modi also called on the Congress to make a non-Gandhi to become the party president.

Modi also attacked Congress for criticizing Demonetisation even after 2 years. Modi said that Congress have faced the heat of Demonetisation that’s why they are still criticizing it.

PM Modi addressed a rally in Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh where he once again attacked Congress Party. He said that Madhya Pradesh was a ‘BIMARU’ state under Congress regime but under CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan it has become a state with “maximum progress.”

PM also said that the Congress party must answer why during the time of Emergency, Rajmata Scindia was jailed for such a long time.

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