Ola Rolls Out New Monitoring System for Safer Rides

Megha Goswami

New Delhi:

We all have faced harassments when boarding cabs, no matter what firm do they belong to. However, in a bid to make these rides safer for the customers, Ola, a major Indian cab providing firm has decides to roll out a new monitoring system. The company revealed, “Ola Guardian, the real-time monitoring system to strengthen ride safety of customers, has been launched as a pilot in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune,”

The system is expected to go live in Kolkata and Delhi by October end and incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools.

As part of the project, Al-driven systems would be tracking the ongoing rides, any mid way stoppages, and route deviations as well.

The company further revealed, “Post analysing the data, the safety response team will connect with customer to assess any potential unsafe ride and provide assistance as required.”

This new mechanism comes at the right time when many instances of customers being harassed by cab drivers have risen. In fact, many cases have been of very serious nature of cab drivers even molesting women riders while taking unnecessary deviations.

The firm would be able to track all the live rides and even contact the passenger immediately in case of any unnecessary route diversion or stoppage.

Moreover, the firm also has decided to work with the state governments for mapping any kind of unsafe routes.

Ankur Agrawal, Vice President for Business Excellence and Safety, for Ola, said, “Through projects like the Guardian, we believe in leveraging technology to improve the overall safety of rides across the transportation industry.”

Ola’s initiative is applause worthy. A few months back, the firm had also come out with technology-driven selfie identification system. Under this initiative, the drivers were required to share a selfie with the ola team through their app to validate their identity.

We hope this initiative ensures more safe and secure rides for commuters.

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