PM Modi calls Congress ‘University of Lies’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi lambasted at Congress for spreading lies and termed the party to be as the “University of Lies.” The PM also took pot shots at the Congress president on his Hindu remarks.

Addressing a huge public meeting at Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, PM Modi accused the Congress party of running a “University of Lies.”


He attacked the Congress president for his Hindu remarks and said, “Namdar says that I do not know about Hinduism. I want to ask him is this the topic on which we are going to contest elections in Rajasthan? Why are the Congress leaders not speaking on issues which are important? Why are they not discussing welfare of people in any of their rallies?”

Further adding the Prime Minister said that when Sardar Patel had vowed to reconstruct the Somnath Temple in Gujarat, the Congress’ conduct towards him was for everyone to see. PM Modi added that Rajasthan holds immense potential for tourism and the government was committed to promote it further. In this context, the PM also highlighted the laxity of the Congress-led governments’ to strengthen the tourism sector. The PM also cited how NDA government’s measures have strengthened the sector.

Prime Minister Modi spoke at length about cleanliness and sanitation at the rally. He shed light on how with the efforts of the government and the people, over nine crore toilets were constructed across the country in just four years. The PM also attacked the Congress in this context. He said, “Congress did not live up to Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals of cleanliness. To keep the Namdar Gandhi in limelight, they forgot the ideals of Fakir Gandhi.”

At the rally, the Prime Minister also spoke how the Congress was making false promises to the farmers. He accused the Congress of shedding crocodile tears for the farmers. Shri Modi said that the BJP led government at Centre and the state were devoted to farmers’ welfare. He highlighted several farmer friendly steps being undertaken by the government like hundred per cent neem coating of urea, which not only curbed corruption but also benefited the farmers immensely.

PM Modi concluded the rally urging the people of Rajasthan to turn out in large numbers and elect a stable and development oriented BJP government in the upcoming Assembly elections on December 7th.

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