Sonali Bendre – The Warrior Fighting On Fronts of Cancer




Sonali Bendre, the ever smiling actor, wife, author, and of course a doting mother is going through the most difficult battles of her life. Cancer! A dreaded word in the society which can cause your blood to freeze in your veins is actually alive in this bubbly actor’s life. The world was stunned when Sonali made an announcement that she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer and is at present undergoing treatment in New York. Fans, fellow actors, social media users went into a state of shock and expressed every possible emotion to portray their support with Sonali.

But the question is how is Sonali dealing with this war everyday? How is she coping with the every day struggle with pain, fear, insecurity, and of course loss of vital strength, both emotionally and physically?

Well, the answer that Sonali is emerging as a FIGHTER. She has dared to come out of the shell in to which Cancer can push its victims. She has dared to challenge the adversity in her life and has courageously said, “I’m Not Alone.’

This strength was evident in her latest tweet where Sonali thanked her well wishers and all those who have stood besides her in her struggle.

Sonali chose to quote her favorite author Isabel Allende in a tweet. Isabel had once said, “We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward. In times of tragedy, of war, of necessity, people do amazing things. The human capacity for survival and renewal is awesome.”



How apt? Not only for Sonali but for all of us who are fighting our own battles every second.

Further, Sonali tweeted, “The outpouring of love I’ve received in the last few days has been so overwhelming…and I’m especially grateful to those of you who shared stories of your experiences in dealing with cancer, whether it was your own or of loved ones. Your stories have given me an extra dosage of strength and courage, and more importantly, the knowledge that I’, not alone.”

Lucky are those who can enjoy and claim this love and support in their darkest days. Sonali is one of them and she left no stone upturned to express her gratitude to her well wishers in her latest tweet.


Sonali also posted her pictures of her new haircut emphasizing on her journey of battle against Cancer.

We at NewsChrome extend our warmest wishes to this widely loved actor who has come out to be a great human being as well. GET WELL SOON Sonali!

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