Teenager Develops Web Tool to Capture and Preserve Web Content in its Original Form

Megha Prasad



With an increase in cases pertaining to social media abuse; investigators are often at a loss on how to cope with the demands of new-age crime. This is mostly because those who post the comments and videos often edit, doctor or even delete them altogether. It could end soon.


A teenager has come up with a solution and his tool could assist law enforcement with capturing or preserving evidence from cyberspace in its original form.


A student of National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi,Nitin Sudhakar, is the Brainiac behind this web-archiving tool for e-discovery.



The 19-year-old, who created the tool named EA321 (expert advice.321), is currently awaiting copyright and technical approval from the authorities.


Sudhakar said, “The tool is currently made as a web extension for the public to access and use easily. We’ll ensure a free version. Users will be able to capture and preserve content from the internet using the forensic procedure to produce them in courts or for other compliance. We’ve also developed a user-friendly dashboard. Security measures like hashing, encryption and digital signature are being used to make sure no one, not even the hosts, tampers with the content”.


“It’ll help judiciary ascertain the originality of evidence produced in court,” said Sudhakar.


It was when he did an internship on cyber forensic law that Nitin Sudhakar came to realise the fact that retrieving evidence from cyberspace is tricky. “The veracity of the evidence preserved in the application can be verified at a later point of time,” said Sudhakar.


Kerala Police High-Tech Crime Enquiry Cell ACP Starmon Pillai said they are already using various software to retrieve deleted or tampered content. NUALS vice-chancellor Rose Varghese is confident Sudhakar’s application should be able to challenge that and said the college has extended full support to the tool’s development.

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