Uma Bharti arrives in New Delhi to meet Lal Krishna Advani

New Delhi:

Uma Bharti, who was one of the leaders of the Ram Mandir movement along with Lal Krishna Advani, has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court today.

Bharti has arrived in New Delhi to meet Lal Krisha Advani. She hailed Lal Krishna Advani for his efforts and said that under his leadership “all of us put our best at stake for this great work.”

“I have just reached Delhi from the banks of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand Ganges. Today there is a meeting of BJP officials. On the way, I heard this decision, I want to reach Advani’s house first, I will bow to him and I will go ahead on what he will teach.” said Bharti.

Bharti also remembered Ashok Singhal and others who gave life for the cause.

Bharti said that “Advani ji is the leader of Indian politics who has waged the debate of Pseudo Secularism Vs Nationalism on the politics of India. Out of the same debate, the Ayodhya movement moved forward.”