Uri: The Surgical Strike – A War Movie That Impresses Magnificently

Rating Stars: ****

Judgment: A must watch for the lovers of Indian Army
The weekend is approaching fast and many of us will start looking through the movies released during the week. Every movie comes with a mission to touch one particular aspect of your life. Well, this week, it is going to be patriotic for most of us as the movie ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ has been released all over the theaters.

It is a fact that every year around Republic Day, we get to see one or the other patriotic movie hitting the silver screen. However, not all get success in making a place for itself in our brains and hearts. The story with ‘Uri’ is however different. The movie surely possesses all the masala needed for making a perfect movie dish!

The spice factor in the dish is Vicky Kaushal who has made sure that you remember his name and performance for a long time to come!
What is the Main Dish Being Served Through the Movie?
The movie’s story is actually based on the real life surgical strike conducted in the year 2016 by the Indian Army. The strike was launched against the militants hiding in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

The movie’s story unfolds the incidents through the storyteller protagonist Major Vihaan Singh Shergill (played by Vicky Kaushal).
What are the Taste Aspect of the Dish named ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’?

Well, the performances are surely the perfect spice factor in the dish. Vicky was lately seen playing a role of a Pakistani army office in the movie ‘Raazi’. Thus, it is interesting to see how well he switches the emotions and skills required to play an Indian Army officer who is hell bent on making his country and countrymen proud!
In the recent past, much hype was created around Vicky Kaushal’s acting skill and this movie comes as a strong seal on this hype!
We would love to see more of Vicky Kaushal after this.

The technical aspect earns an edge over the creative aspect though. Sniper shots, gun fire, combat scenes, the technical area is strongly held in the movie! So, for all those of you who hold a great interest in video games and army life must go and watch it!

Another spicy aspect that makes this chaat all the more tempting is of course its story. The writer has made sure that the story can have a perfect balance between realistic life and of course the Josh infused in the story. You can actually relate to the events taking place in the movie.

Any patriotic movie plays with the trump card of viewer’s patriotism. In doing so, they sometimes forget to draw that line between realism and fantasy. However, this is not the case with Uri.
Ingredients that can make the movie a little bore

Now any Indian movie cannot be complete with an emotional angle infused in its story. Uri is no different and tries to play an emotional story card as well. However, the emotional aspect to some extent takes away the screen space of the real life story.

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