Victim of Mishap at PM’s Rally in Midnapore becomes Local Celeb with an Autograph from the PM



What was once a tragic accident has now turned a small town girl into a ‘celebrity’ in her native place. The reason behind this is the autograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


During PM Modi’s rally in West Bengal’s Midnapore, earlier this month,, a tent had given way on people; leading to many being injured. Rita Mudi, who was one of the victims of this accident; had asked the Prime Minister for his signature which has brought on more than 15 minutes of fame for the girl.


The girl has been receiving many proposals for marriage subsequent to her getting a sought after autograph from the PM and she and her family have found themselves in the spotlight since then.

When a scaffolding gave way at the PM’s rally in Midnapore earlier this month, a minimum of 96 people were hurt or injured. Following which; the PM visited the general hospital to check up on the well being of the injured.



It was then that Mudi asked the leader for his autograph, and he fulfilled her wish. Video was recorded when this happened, the video went viral and the girl became a celebrity of sorts.


“I became a celebrity,” the young girl told news agency ANI. “My sister and I are even getting marriage proposals” she added.


However, for the second year student of Bankura Christian College, it’s “education first”.


The PM had penned a sweet note for the young student, “Rita Mudi, tum sukhi raho (Be Happy, Rita Mudi)” along with his signature.


The piece of paper has now become an item of awe and admiration and reportedly many people throng the girl’s home to see it.


The accident at the PM’s rally had led to a stampede and more than 90 locals were injured. The PM who was addressing the crowd at the time of the accident urged for calm and order. Later, West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee also visited the general hospital treating the victims of the mishap.

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