‘What was the Name of Sardar Patel’s Father?’ Arun Jaitley’s jibe at Congress

New Delhi:

Arun Jaitley took a jibe at Congress today saying that hardly anyone in the country knows name of Sardar Patel’s father or Mahatma Gandhi’s father’s name because Congress glamorized only one family.

“This is the tragedy of Congress politics and its impact on the nation. Gandhiji led the most extraordinary freedom movement of India. He created, through political awareness, Satyagraha and non-violence, an environment where British found it impossible to continue in India.

Sardar Patel’s contribution was second to none. Besides being a frontline leader of the freedom movement, he, as the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, negotiated the transfer of power with the British.

He negotiated the integration of India with over 550 rulers. He gave to India, within a short period of few months, its present geography.

Incidentally, Gandhiji’s father was Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi, Sardar Patel’s father was Jhaverbhai Patel and his wife’s name was Diwali Ba. No photograph of his wife or her details are available even after extensive research by modern day historians,” said Jaitley in his facebook post.

The Officially Glamorised Family

“The reason for this is simple. Decades of Congress rule, naming colonies, localities, cities, bridges, airports, railway stations, schools, colleges, universities, stadiums after one family was intended to declare the ‘Gandhis’ as India’s royalty. They were ‘officially glamorised’ as the blue blooded family of India. The others did not matter. In fact, upon Sardar Patel’s death in Mumbai, Prime Minister Nehru requested many of his cabinet colleagues that the best tribute to the Sardar would be to work on the day of his funeral and not go to Mumbai. The then Head of State and several Union Ministers defied the advice. The proposal for building his statue at Vijay Chowk was rejected. The country had to be satisfied with the installation of his statue at a traffic round-about on Parliament Street.

Many believe that Sardar Patel was a farmer leader because of his participation in Bardoli Satyagraha. On the contrary, he was one of Ahmedabad’s most successful practicing Barristers. Panditji is passed off as a great lawyer though he never argued a single case in his entire career. He only went to court once for reasons of tokenism to sit behind senior lawyers led by Bholabhai Desai who was arguing for the three INA officers in the mutiny trial inside the Red Fort,” added Jaitley.

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